Main Products
    1. Alkaline Copper Quaternary, XK-ACQ

      Low toxicity: contains no harmful substances like arsenic, chromium, or phenol.
      Metal corrosion won't lessen the wood's strength or affect the paint.

    1. Chloromethyl-methylisothiazolone, XK-CIT/MIT

      Effectively prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and saccharomycetes.
      Low toxicity and environmentally-friendly.

    1. Methylisothiazolinone, XK-MIT

      This Isothiazolinone based biocide is used in cosmetic and cleaning products such as creams, lotions, baby products, sunscreen, shampoo, and wet wipes.

    1. Octylisothiazolinone, XK-OIT

      Octylisothiazolinone preservative is used in synthetic leather, paint, coatings, and polymer products. The OIT preservative effectively protects against bacteria and fungi.

    1. Benzisothiazolinone, XK-BIT

      Benzisothiazolinone preservative can be used in water-based products such as latex paint, wood coatings, adhesives, emulsions, glue and printing ink.

    1. Cosmetic Preservative, XK-99

      Effective: Inhibits bacteria and mold in low dosages of 0.02% to 0.01%.
      Water-soluble. Add directly to other ingredients.

    1. Wet Wipes Preservative, XK-BP

      This wet wipe biocide is used in sanitary creams, and other products that are oil or water-based because of the preservative's water solubility.

    1. Wet Wipes Preservative, XK-558C

      Soluble in water, the wet wipe biocide prevents gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mold from growing in wet wipes, other sanitary products.

  • Safety & Environmental Protection
  • As an established biocide and preservative manufacturer, Boda has developed a strong environmental management program that guides us in using resources sustainably and responsibly. When we can, we use renewable products and recycle raw materials as much as possible. We commit to:
    1. Ensuring that our biocides and preservatives are safe for human health and the environment wherever they are manufactured, stored, transported, used and disposed.
    2. Supplying products that meet the requirements for different environmental standards. Our technical service uses their experience to help customers create environmentally-friendly products and processes.

  • Company Tour
  • Nantong Boda Biochemistry Co., Ltd. is located in Haian County in Jiangsu Province. The 6,000 square meter factory contains our research lab, sales office and logistics center as well as our workspaces where we find biocide and preservative solutions and create our wood preservatives, cosmetic preservatives, leather preservatives, and dry film preservatives. At Boda, we create a friendly working environment that translates to a helpful customer service team.

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  • FAQ
  • What industries use your products? Boda is a microbe-cutting chemical manufacturer, making fungicides and preservatives, for use in cosmetics, laundry supplies, wet wipes, coatings and adhesives, wood and leather products, and industrial water treatment and additives.

    How do you package your products? There are four kinds of packaging: 25Kg/barrel, 200Kg/barrel, 250Kg/barrel, and 300Kg/barrel. The net price differs depending on the product.

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